Land in Rosetta

Land in Rosetta with tranquil music of water flowing over a waterfall



1.4ha Land in Rosetta

This 1.4ha piece o f land in Rosetta land has magnificent quarry views and an abundance of nature, watching the buck which sleep in the quarry is only one of its positive attributes. The fortunate person building a house on this property can experience true relaxation with the calming sounds, the tranquil music of water flowing over a waterfall and the soothing meditative sound of water running amongst the rocks in the stream below. This land also boasts a little history as the quarry was used years ago to build the R103 and conveniently situated on the R103, this land has true potential for a dream home.

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Rosetta Hotel

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The Ugly Duckling

The Wine Cellar and Mouse Trap Deli

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