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GodGodwin Property Group-For Farm for Salewin Property Group

In December 2010 Trevor and Lucile Godwin decided to open Godwin Property Group in Ballito, having spent time working with the Franchises we came to realize we could most likely do better as an independent agency.  The Ballito office has done well since it opened and has excellent performing agents. This office is still the head office and most of the admin and conveyancing is done from this office.

In 2007 Lucile started an import and distribution business, the main product being Mane ‘n Tail. In 2013 Trevor & Lucile decided to relocate to the Midlands as a better place to live and keep horses.  Having spent a year up here Trevor felt it was time to open a Midlands office. Louise du Plessis joined the team and they both live in the area. The office is set up on the farm to market the midlands area. They are both energetic enthusiastic agents and also believe in using the internet as both a huge source of both listings and clients and Trevor also principal for Godwin Property Group, plays a large role in the success of the agents.

This website is dedicated to the Godwin Property Group Midlands office. For all our property available from both office view our main website http://www.godwinprop.co.za/ 


Origin of the name “Godwin”

About Godwin Property GroupThe first recorded Godwin was Earl Godwin of Wessex (d 1053) and chief advisor to King Canute. His son Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England (c. 1022 – 14 October 1066) and died along with several other Godwin’s at the Battle of Hastings, while fighting the Norman invaders led by William the Conqueror during the Norman conquest of England. Harold is one of only three Kings of England to have died in warfare. He was replaced by William the 1st.


Clearly my dyslexia runs in the family as Godwin, Goodwin, Gooden, Godwinsons, Goodin, Gooding, Goodwyn, Godwine, Goodwine, Goddwyn, Goddyne and a few more are all related. Clearly no one could spell, so that is where I get it from!


The name is also loosely translated in an age without standardized spelling, both “god” and “good” were pronounced as “good” and “win” and “wine” meaning friend. That our surname came from “Good Friend”.

Earl Godwin also gave his name to the dangerous sandbanks off the Kent coastline which came to be called the Goodwin Sands.

Local History

Our side of the Godwin family are 3rd generation South Africans and proud to be Africans. We first relocated to Ballito in 1974 but the area had been a family favourite holiday destination for long before that. We lived in the area till 2013, the family business “TV & General Hire” went on to be the oldest store in Ballito until it sold in March 2011. Trevor, Lucile, Wayne Godwin and a few other partners first opened an estate agency in Ballito under a national franchise in November 2007 and in July 2011 decided it was time to branch out as our own group “Godwin Property Group”. Having lived in the area for over 30 years we have a huge amount of area knowledge and feel we have the expertise to find the right people their dream properties. The Ballito office still continues to do well and we have since opened a office in the midlands as well.


Written by Trevor Godwin